Oops! Snippet of If You Only Knew

I forgot to post yesterday.  Well, not much to say today.  I will introduce Donovan and Noelle tomorrow.  Donovan is Helena’s father — you met her a couple days ago.

Anyway.  I did want to share with you an excerpt of If You Only Knew. My friend Wendy loves my shower scene, so I thought I’d share the beginning of it with you. If you like it, check out the rest of the book.  It’s still on sale, but for $1.99 for the next four days. #andthencamelove #mustread #freeonKU #kindleunlimited #oneclick


It was a little after six in the morning when he returned to the apartment. Drew called sometime after midnight in a rough spot. They’d hung out at the cabin all night. Talking and drinking.

Julian popped an extra Adderall sometime in the middle of the night to stay awake. The combination of amphetamines, caffeine, and alcohol hadn’t been the smartest move on his part. He hadn’t been this keyed up since he snorted cocaine as a teenager.

By the time he made it to Liza’s, his mind was on one thing and one thing only. If he was lucky, he’d catch her in bed or the shower. He looked toward the bedroom. The light was on. He smiled when he heard the water running in the bathroom. Opening the door, he drank in the sight of her naked form through the frosted glass doors. What a way to come home.

“Everything all right?” She opened the door to look out at him.

“Yeah, evidently, Ava’s ex-husband was killed and the FBI was convinced Drew or Ava did it. He needed to vent.” Julian stripped off his shirt and pants. “I hope you’re up for company.” He stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

“Wait! What happened? Did they let Ava go as well? Who killed her ex-husband?”

Julian shrugged. “They let both of them go. They weren’t even in the area when he was killed. As far as who killed him, I have no clue. And neither do the police.”

“So then what did you two do all night?” Liza rinsed her hair.

“Sat and bullshitted.” He shrugged and pressed a kiss to her lips.

She pushed him away. Her eyes narrowed. “How much did you have to drink?”

Great. His ears burned. He knew she’d see the guilt. This was the last thing he wanted to talk about. A glance at her naked body and he was more than ready. “We shared a six pack, Liza. I could drink all six and not even be close to drunk.”

“You shouldn’t be drinking at all.” She crossed her arms, pushing up her breasts as she did.

Julian moaned. God, he wanted her. ”I think I can handle a couple beers, Liza.” He thrust her against the wall, his lips on her neck, his hands sliding over her body.

“I have to leave for work in half an hour.” She brought her hands to his chest and turned her head away from him.

“You’re just picking up a kid, right?” He slipped his knee between her legs.

“Yeah, but I need to be there on time. I have to get her there for the visitation by eight.”

His traced his fingers down her side and pressed his hips against her.

“They’ll have to wait.” He smothered any protest she might make with his lips.


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