Untitled Book 7

I skipped Mason and Renee yesterday to post Petur and Helena.

No snippet for this book.  It’s not even in rough draft form yet.

Mason Parker is the nephew of the other characters I’ve posted (Julian, Trevor, Blake, Drew, Jake, and Terra Vitalli.  His mother is one of the older sisters, Angela.

Here’s the family tree if you wanted to see it!

Vitalli Family

And here’s where Mason comes into play!

Angela's family



The majority of this book does not take place in Indiana, but rather Houston, Texas.  I don’t know if I mentioned it in Jake’s book.  It was Houston that he ended up in after he left Audrey.  Renee works for Jake’s company.  😀 So how does his nephew end up falling for a woman who works for Jake’s company?

Well, what does a family does a family do when their brother has been gone for five years? They may send a member of the family to check on him. He he.  It’s going to be a fun story.  At least I think so.  Hope you enjoy.


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