Waiting For Superman

Book 6: Waiting For Superman.

I think I need to call Ethan and Terra’s book a Romantic Comedy!  LOL.  It’s such a fun book.  I had a lot of fun writing it.  Okay here’s the characters and a snippet!


Terra Vitalli (Sibling #8)


Ethan Steele

Ethan glared at Terra later that night, red and blue lights flashing behind them as they were pulled over on the side of the road.  Terra put her hand over her mouth to try and stop from laughing as Ethan turned off the car, rolled down the window, and tossed the keys on the dashboard.

“Can you stop laughing long enough to grab my wallet from the console?” he asked her.

Terra chuckled again and handed him his wallet as the police officer walked up to the window.  “Evening officer,” Ethan said looking out the window at the cop.

“License and registration, sir,” the officer stated.  “Any reason for your speed this evening?” he asked as Ethan handed him his license and registration.

Terra’s composure broke at that point and she started laughing again.  Ethan looked over at her and couldn’t help but smile.

The office frowned and bent down to look at her.  “I don’t find this funny in the least bit, ma’am, you were in a car doing 85 on a road with a speed limit of 45 and at dark that makes it even more dangerous,” he said seriously.  Terra tried to control it, but ended up losing it again.  “Ma’am I’m going to need to see your ID as well,” the officer said and the stern look on his face told them both he wasn’t joking. Terra pulled out her purse and handed the officer her license.

Ethan looked up at the officer.  “Sorry about my fiancée, officer,” he stated.  “I’m taking her drunk ass home.”

“Ethan!” she exclaimed.

“Ma’am, I suggest you do your best to compose yourself before I get back,” the officer said as he headed back to his squad car.

“You’re going to get me arrested,” Ethan told her with a chuckle. “You know how embarrassing it would be to have to call my Dad and tell him I was in jail for reckless driving?”

Terra laughed again. “I’m sorry, Ethan, but the look on your face when the cop pulled out behind you was priceless,” she told him.  She glanced behind them to make sure the cop was still in his vehicle.  “I’m just glad he didn’t catch you when you were going 120.”

“Yeah, I would have gotten arrested for that one,” he said with a nod.  “No questions asked, he would have just arrested me.”

“If it helps any, I would have bailed you out of jail,” she told him.

“I would hope so! It was all your idea,” he stated.  “Are you done laughing, because he’s coming back?”

Terra smiled, but sat back in her seat and tried to stay quiet.

“All right, Mr. Steele, I see you’ve had  a clean driving record for quite some time.  I’m not going to arrest you for reckless driving, instead I’m just giving you a ticket,” the officer stated as he handed Ethan the two driver’s licenses and his registration back.

“Thank you, officer,” Ethan told him.  “I appreciate that.”

The officer handed him the ticket to sign.  Ethan signed the ticket and handed the clipboard back to the officer, who tore off the top copy and handed the secondary copy to Ethan.  “I suggest you take Ms. Vitalli home, before she gets you into any more trouble.”

“I was doing just that,” Ethan responded. “Thank you again, sir.  I appreciate your generosity.”

“Try and keep it at the speed limit, Mr. Steele,” the officer said as he headed back to the car.


2 thoughts on “Waiting For Superman

  1. Renee says:

    Love it These two are foing to be a hoot

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