Book 2: Play It Again

Okay, Blog, we meet again, I’m doing this on Facebook as well, but I’m ahead of it there.  I’m going to post a snippet from each of the next books along with pictures of the characters.

Book Title: Play It Again

Expected Release Date: August or September 2015


Dr. Arianna London.  We met her once in If You Only Knew. She’s Liza’s OB.


Trevor Vitalli (9th out of 10 Vitalli Children) He’s a conservation officer.

If you’ve read If You Only Knew, you know that Trevor and Arianna meet during that book.  Or do they?  Let’s just say things aren’t always what they seem.  Here’s a snippet of their book.  It’s unedited and rough and subject to change, but it’s fun.  Hope you enjoy.

Trevor was regretting his words shortly after the movie, clearly a chick flick, started.  The night only got worse as the second movie also happened to be a chick flick.  Trevor sunk further into the couch as the sisters cried around him.  They were half way through the second movie when his phone rang.  He looked down and saw it was Cornelius.  “It’s Cornelius,” he told Ari as he stood and headed for the other room.

“Hurry back you’re going to miss the best part of the movie,” she called after him.

“Somehow I think the best part of the movie is going to involve crying,” he muttered under his breath as he answered his phone. “Hey, what took you so long?”

“I was in a meeting,” he responded.  “So what’s all going on?  I heard a couple different stories from the family and then got your message.”

“My wonderful sister called Candace this evening and cursed her up one side and down the other.  Telling her how she ruined her son’s life and all that,” Trevor explained.

“I thought you and Ari were going out tonight, how did you find this out?” he asked.

“We decided to pick up pizza and watch movies with Candace instead,” he responded.  “I’m half way through the second chick flick of the evening, Cornelius.”

Cornelius laughed.  “Somehow, I see myself owing you for this one.”

“Definitely,” Trevor said with a nod.

Ari stuck her head in the doorway.  “We paused the movie.  We’re taking a quick break, we’ll start back up when you’re ready,” she said before heading back toward the living room.

“They’re pausing the movie Cornelius,” Trevor stated.  “They want to make sure I don’t miss the best part.”

“What do you want?”

“Friday night, without Candace,” he stated.

“Done,” Cornelius responded.  “I’ll take them out to dinner if nothing else.”

“Good, what are you going to do about Vivian?” he asked.

“Not sure, I’ll be talking to her that’s for sure.”

“Let’s put it this way, not to be an ass, but if she doesn’t lay off soon, I’m going to get Dad involved.”

“I intended to talk to him tomorrow,” he responded.  “So if he calls and wants to talk to you about it know I’ve already brought it up.” Cornelius knew Trevor tended to be tight lipped about things.  He was the one person in the family that if you told them to keep a secret, he would.

“You about done?” Ari called.

“I’ve got to go, the end of the chick flick is calling my name,” he said sarcastically.

Cornelius laughed.  “Have a great night, man.”

“Fuck you,” Trevor responded as he hung up the phone and reluctantly headed back into the living room.


2 thoughts on “Book 2: Play It Again

  1. debjulienne says:

    I can’t wait to see if Trevor is as fun as Julian and/or if he enjoys putting his foot in his mouth as well???

  2. saraepreston says:

    I think all the Vitalli Siblings enjoy putting their feet in their month. Must be a family trait. And they have to get it from their father! Ha!

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