Available for Pre-Order

So I have a lovely friend, Deb Julienne, who is a wonderful writer and I can’t get enough of her books!  Ha ha — I cheat and have a sneak peak at the ones no one else has!

Anyway her first book Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aids is available on Amazon and her second book Sex, Secrets, and Happily Ever Afters is available for pre-order.

If you love romantic comedy and love to laugh, buy these books! They’re great.



I’m telling you, they are hilarious!  Even if you’re not a romance novel person — you’ll find something funny in these books!


Hey All!

Okay — I’m going to try this again and actually start using this again.

My new book is being released on May 2nd! It’s currently available for pre-order.  I’ve had some excellent reviews from my beta readers.  Going to try and publish some of those soon.

I’m having a release day party — also on May 2nd and I’m trying to work on some other projects.  Anyway, new information coming soon!  Hopefully, this time I’ll actually be able to keep up with this!