Hello Again

I missed posting yesterday.  I was working on editing a book.  I also unpublished one of my previously published books because it needs major corrections.  Wow — major corrections!  

I need to update my post from the other day.  The bulk cooking one.  I only cooked down 10 #’s of ground beef and ended up with 7#’s of meat to use.  Which means there was 3#’s of fat in that meat!!!  Wow!  

Yesterday, I made spaghetti w/ three pounds of the cooked meat (6 cans of sauce).  I ended up using two pots to cook it all.  One we demolished last night, the other I put in the freezer for baked spaghetti later in the month.  

The menu planning is going well.  It’s nice I can just say check the calendar when the kids ask me what’s for dinner.  

Talked to a fellow author the other day and she was suggesting marketing strategies.  I’m thinking about making flavored cooking oils and sugar/salt scrubs and naming them after my characters.  Not sure of yet, but I’m thinking about it!


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