Not A Whole Lot Done


It’s one of those types of days!  I made fabric softener this morning and got some grocery shopping done this evening!  That’s about all I accomplished today.  I was hoping to make a cheesecake for Dan (and to take a picture of, so I could publish my cookbook, but that didn’t happen).  Didn’t make it to Zumba either, oh well, maybe next week.  Trying to post on here on a regular basis again, even if it it is to say that I got nothing done.

So far the schedule that we’re trying to enforce around the house isn’t going so well either.  About the only thing that we’ve managed to keep at for the last couple of days is wake-up and bedtimes.  Well, we did miss the kids bedtimes tonight, but that was because I was sent to the store late and didn’t get around to cooking dinner until 8:00 P.M., but did send them to bed shortly there after.  Thinking about staying up past my bedtime (1:00 AM) to do some more editing, but I think I should probably go to bed. 

Good night all!



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