Well, we’ve stayed at the new house for the past three nights!  Got our bed in last night, so I actually slept last night.  Going well so far, still over at the other house frequently to pick up other things.  Eventually we’ll go through everything in both houses and probably have a yard sale.  

We are in a definite need of a routine, but so far I haven’t been able to set anything up, due to still getting everything settled.  Hopefully, we’ll have less running tomorrow and I can get this house cleaned and get a lot of things that we have in boxes (or the van) put away. 

Enjoying having a decent sized kitchen, need to clean it though.  Made “Meatloaf Cupcakes” tonight.  I made what we call Thanksgiving Meatloaf, because it’s made with ground turkey and stuffing and topped it with mashed potatoes made to look like a cupcake.  I’ll post pictures and the recipe tomorrow.  

Good night and Blessed Be.


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