Recipe — Pizza Casserole

I’ve seen a couple of recipes for this and decided it was time to add mine.  This started out as my grandmother’s recipe and my mom changed it and I’ve since changed it from theirs!  Gotta love the changing of the recipes over time. 

1# breakfast sausage (feel free to use Italian or Pizza Sausage instead or as well!)

2# ground beef 

1# box of rotini or penne (any noodles really, this is just my preference)

2 jars pizza sauce

Italian seasonings to taste (I add fresh basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme as well as the dried herbs if I have them available). 

Lots of mozzarella cheese (at least 2 cups)

1 package of pepperoni

Boil your noodles.  In a separate pan, brown your sausage and ground beef.  When completely done, add pizza sauce and Italian seasonings/herbs.  Let simmer while waiting for the noodles to cook. 

You can do this as a layered dish.  My mother took the bowl out of her crockpot and put a layer of noodles, a layer of the meat mixture, a layer of cheese and then repeat!  She finished hers off in the microwave.  

I usually make this one layer.  I put my noodles on the bottom, topped by the meat mixture, lay out the pepperoni, and then top with cheese.  Since your noodles and meat are already hot there is no reason to put this in the oven for 30 minutes just to get that perfect golden brown cheese look.  Turn your broiler on high, put the pan under the broiler and leave it in there for 5 minutes, checking after 2 to make sure it’s not burning already.  

Variation of this recipe:  Pizza Joes.  Don’t make the noodles!  Mix the pepperoni in with the rest of the meat mixture.  Put meat mixture on hamburger buns, top with mozzarella cheese and enjoy!


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