Little By Little

Got a few more things done yesterday.  My husband cleaned up a lot of the house.  

Both the washer and the dishwasher work, so that’s helpful.  Hoping to get a gas dryer this weekend, instead of the electric one.  Need to bring the clothesline out to the house today so that I can line dry the clothes I washed.  

I think the dishwasher would work a lot better if we had hot water, but that’s coming along.  We will have hot water the day we move in, so that’s good. 

Cleaned up all the lumber in the garage.  I spent a good 30-45 minutes stacking boards.  The 2×3’s were easy, but the 2×12’s were a little heavy for me.  We also picked up the dry wall for my father-in-laws room today.  

My annoyance for the day started yesterday.  When we went to Lowes yesterday we were told that it was $6.25 for two sheets of drywall, by two or three people that worked there.  When I went to pick it up today, they said it was not for two sheets, so instead of the 12 sheets I was supposed to get, I only got 6.  So I had to go in and complain to the manager to try and get the material I needed.  Which I did.  

Anyway, it’s 3:25 am here and I still haven’t slept yet and we want to get an early start tomorrow.  In between all this work on the house I’m going to try to write the third book for my series.  I started looking over the third one I started and I am  going to trash it and start over, I think I have a good idea for it now and will try to write it!  After this one is done, I am going to do a final edit on my first book and submit it for publishing.  I need to figure out what I’m going to do for a cover, but other than that it’s ready to be edited.  

Done for tonight.  Hope to get more pictures up tomorrow. 


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