General Day Post

Well — feels like a wasted day, but I know it wasn’t completely wasted. 

Went to the Habitat Restore and to Lowes to get some more material for the new house. 

Husband gets to pick up the drywall tomorrow along with some flooring that my father-in-law bought.  We are closing off two double doorways in order to make one of the rooms downstairs a bedroom for my father-in-law.  Tomorrow, I get to make at least one stud wall, hopefully, I’ll be able to get the stud wall and the wall/door made.  I want to get as much done as possible, but it gets difficult with two young girls running around.  Although I do have to say with them having a room of their own at the new house it makes them a little easier to control.  

If I’m lucky I’ll get it all done and dry walled tomorrow then we can start on the other projects in the room so we can get moved in sooner.  That is highly doubtful, but a girl can dream. 

There is a 1950’s carhop type diner in Argos and we stopped there today for lunch.  The food was great and we’ll definitely be returning there.  They have a pretty extensive menu and if you like deep fried foods (ie pickles, mushrooms, onion rings, etc) they are pretty good. Husband and father-in-law both had pork tenderloin sandwiches which they enjoyed and I had a hamburger which was also enjoyable.  They have ice cream on their menu, but we didn’t get dessert today.  Anyway, if you are ever in the Argos Area, and enjoy that type of food check out Beamers. 


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