Recipes Hamburger Gravy

There are two different types of Hamburger Gravy.  One is basically like Sausage Gravy, only you use hamburger (around here we call that Shit on a Shingle, because we serve it over pancakes!)  The other type is to have the Hamburger Gravy with a beef or brown gravy. So here’s both recipes, feel free to add whatever you want to them.  A bag of mixed veggies, onions, and/or mushrooms would be good examples of things to add.  

Hamburger w/ Milk Gravy (aka Shit on a Shingle)

2 # ground beef

2 T butter/margarine (if you have a rather fatty ground beef there is no need to add these fats as you can use the fat from the meat)

1/2 cup of flour

5 cups of milk

Brown your ground beef.  Add your butter/margarine and flour to the beef, mix well and make sure all your flour is mixed in well and not clumpy.  Cook about 1 minute to make sure you don’t have that flour taste.  Add your milk and bring to a boil, once the milk thickens up you’re ready to serve. 

This can be served over biscuits, mashed potatoes, pancakes, noodles, or even rice.  Really any kind of starch you want to serve it over.  

Beef Gravy w/Hamburger

2 # ground beef

1/4 cup butter (again depending on the fat content of your meat you can omit the extra fat)

2 cups of beef broth or stock

1/4 cup of flour

Again brown your ground beef, add your butter/margarine, and your flour.  Mix well and cook for about a minute before adding your beef broth.  Bring to a boil and let thicken.  

These recipes are extremely versatile. You can change anything you’d like to make them your own. I was corrected a few minutes ago — classic Shit on a Shingle is usually made with dried or chipped beef, country gravy, and served over toast.  

I use the Hamburger w/ Milk Gravy for my biscuits and gravy, only I tend to add a lot of black pepper when I am making sausage gravy.  

Feel free to play around with the recipes and feel free to add your own comments and additions.  


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