House Project

Since I’m posting about the remodel of the house, I figure I should post before pictures so that I can give a good idea of what we’re doing!2

This is the master bedroom — planning on pulling down the wall paper and painting the walls.  Not sure if we’re going to tear up the carpet or not, there is hardwood floor underneath.


Most of the outside painting has been done, so I’ll need to post pictures of the painted outside!


Looking from the dining room through the entrance way and into the living room.  We’ve pulled up all the carpet already.


Here’s the kitchen before it was painted.  It was only painted on the walls — not the cabinets.



Living Room.



Baby’s Room


Bathroom in Joe’s Room.  Will be pulling out the tub and putting in full length shower.  Will be replacing the toilet with an ADA compliant toilet as well.


Main bathroom — will probably take the shower out and replace it with a tub eventually!


The outside of the house — the gutters and the awning on the front porch was removed.




Will remove the Yew bushes and have to take down part of the chimney.


DSCN0854DSCN0855 DSCN0856


3 thoughts on “House Project

  1. Aunt Sue says:

    Wow Sara! Congratulations! The back outside and the side look a lot like Grandma’s. You got lucky! How this come about?
    Is this your website?

    • saraepreston says:

      Yes this is my website! Dan was awarded his disability in Deecember so in April we received his back pay for the last five years and were able to buy the house out right. Now it’s just fixing it up and making it home!

      • Aunt Sue says:

        I am happy for you! I’m sure all the work will be worth it! What has disabled Dan? Is it a permanent disability? How are YOU? If this is too personal to do on blog, email me. Love you!

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