Hey World!

I was checking my stats a few minutes ago and saw that I had forty-six page views!  That’s the most I’ve ever had doing any kind of blog.  So my advice for anyone out there who wants to start a blog and get it out there (even though mine is not out there a lot, but more than I’m used too!) is to make sure you use your social media connections!  Post you’re posts on facebook and any pictures you post, put them on pinterest! 

I also saw today that I had like 97 followers on pinterest today!  Wow, to me that’s a lot, I must pin things that are interesting.  I don’t normally find myself that interesting, but hey maybe that’s just me!

A shout out to my brother, Evan!  It was good to see you today and if you have any sites you want me to link to let me know.  It was also good to see my parents and my other brother Bryan.  Evan and Bryan are both musicians, so if you’re interested in seeing bands in Indiana give me a shout out and I’ll let them contact you. 

Had a good day!


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