WalMart Price Matching

Okay, so if the store that you’re price matching at WalMart is anywhere near the Walmart just go to that store!  

A local supermarket had a deal on Kraft products buy five participating products and get $5 off, but they limited it to one per transaction.  So in order to avoid having to do seven transactions to get what I wanted I just went to Walmart to do their price matching.  It honestly would have been easier to just go to the other store and do the seven transactions!  I got so frustrated with the clerk and the customer service people that I just wanted to give up! I got it done and got almost everything I wanted at the price I wanted, but it was still frustrating, having to fight over the prices and what the flyers said!

On top of it all the clerk was one who wanted to talk about her life.  I’m sorry, I’m an introvert, I in general don’t talk to people if I don’t have too.  (for example, my husband, my father-in-law, and my children have all met and talked to all our neighbors at the new house, but I haven’t!  I wave at them and smile, but beyond that, I’m not ready to form any type of relationship with them!)

So the clerk is telling me how she was in a fight last night and that she had never been in a fight before and that she got punched in the face.  Honestly, I was so frustrated by the time she told me that, that I wanted to reach out and punch her in the face and then say ‘opps — I thought you said punch me in the face.’  

Anyway, that’s my rant — I will probably never do Walmart’s price matching again, I would rather go to the other stores in my neighborhood and just deal with multiple transactions!


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