Remodel of the House

Well the remodel of the house is going.  I can’t say it’s going great, but I can’t say it’s not getting anywhere either.  The roof is almost done — have one part still leaking, but should be getting that fixed tomorrow.  Might have some stuff we can take back to Lowes, so that should help.  

My husband and my father-in-law picked up a bunch of primer from a free pile near our old house, so we should have enough primer to do all the rooms in the house.  

I started to take wall paper off the walls in our room yesterday, but not much was accomplished because I had two extra kids to keep an eye on (that makes five by the way and when the oldest one is seven it makes it a little much!)

Cooked my first meal in the house (spaghetti — used home grown dried herbs!)

The only room in the house that is done is the kitchen.  Thinking about painting one or two of the walls in the dining room peach to match the kitchen, but not sure yet.  I have the paint for the girls room, but haven’t started painting that yet either.  As soon as the roof is fixed and we can get in there on a regular basis it should go much faster.  The ramp is done now, so my father-in-law was actually able to spend a substantial part of the day in the house.

Okay, done with this ramble for now!


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