Fertilizer Recipe from a Landscaper

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High Acid Plant Fertilizer

By Country Joe of Country Joe’s Landscaping (retired)

20 lb of rhododendron dry fertilizer

10 lb of bone meal

5 lb Aluminum Sulfate

2 – 5 gallon clean plastic buckets (one with a lid)

Put all the dry ingredients in a bucket, make sure you are wearing a mask, gloves, and eye protection.  Pour the contents from one bucket to the other four or five times — this will mix the ingredients evenly.  Any plant that likes high acid fertilizers will respond very, very well to this mix (ie roses, any type of evergreen, rhododendrons, azaleas, maples, ground cover).

Application: Use an 8 ounce plastic cup

Put one cup, per inch per caliper (caliper is determined by measuring the truck of the plant eight inches up from the ground, using tailors tape wrapped around the truck). For every inch use one cup of fertilizer at the drip line.  If you look at the plant and see where the longest limbs are hanging.  The drip line is on the ground under where the

No earlier in the spring than Easter and no later in the fall then labor day.  Twice a year is more than enough.  This fertilizer will cause new growth within ten days, so that’s the reason for the time limits.  Feel free to look up your plants online to see if they are acid loving plants.

If you’re using it on ground covers, sprinkle it on the plant and then wash it into the ground.  Do not let it sit on the plants.  This does not need to be buried.

This fertilizer mix has been recommended for about twenty years and everyone who has used it seems to love it.  A five gallon bucket full, should last about 3-4 years depending on how large and how many acid loving plants you have.  Make sure keep in a dry place with the lid on tight.


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