Opening Post

Hi All! I’m Sara and I am the mother to three small children (4,2, and almost 4 months!). Besides my children, I help take care of my ailing father-in-law.

The exciting news is that we just bought a house and hopefully will be moving in soon (hoping by mid-July).

I decided to do this blog, mainly to get out some of my ramblings and to try and maintain, some of my sanity and remember who I am again. I’ve been associating myself as mother, wife, and caretaker for the last five years that I’ve sort of lost track of who I am. One of the things that I have always loved to do and something that has gotten me through most of the hard times is my life is writing. So here I am, attempting to start and keep up with writing a blog!

So if anyone out there is reading this, I hope you enjoy.

Oh and I called myself the Herbal Housewife, because I actually have a rather large herb garden (grown in containers) and I think I will be talking a lot about herbs.

Again I hope you enjoy!


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